the African Eumolpinae site (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae)
Afroeurydemus flavicans (Harold, 1877)
Afroeurydemus maculosus (Harold, 1877)
Afroeurydemus nubiensis (Harold, 1877)
Afroeurydemus quadrimaculatus (Jacoby, 1904)
Cheiridella zambesiana Jacoby, 1904
Colasposoma beiraense Jacoby, 1904
Colasposoma costatum Harold, 1877
Colasposoma crenulatum crenulatum Gerstaecker, 1855
Colasposoma crenulatum karibaense Zoia, 2007
? Colasposoma cupricolle Fairmaire, 1902
Colasposoma cyaneocupreum Fairmaire, 1887
Colasposoma instabile Haold, 1877
Colasposoma magnificum Bryant, 1957
Colasposoma ruficolle Bryant, 1957
Colasposoma sheppardi Jacoby, 1904
Colasposoma subpurpureum Pic, 1942
Colasposoma tibiale Baly, 1878
Colasposoma tumidulum Weise, 1904
Euryope megacephala (J. Thomson, 1856)
Euryope terminalis Baly, 1860
Ferreirana donckieri (Pic, 1942)
Ferreirana foveata (Jacoby, 1897)
Heteraspis lefevrei Jacoby, 1904
Heteraspis maculosa Lefèvre, 1891
Heteraspis vicina Harold, 1877
Lefevrea intermedia Jacoby, 1897
Macrocoma mosambica Kolbe, 1897
Mecistes flavipes (Gerstaecker, 1855)
Mecistes seriatus Lefèvre, 1885
Microsyagrus fulvimanus (Jacoby, 1904)
Nerissella curculionoides Jacoby, 1904
Obelistes curtipennis (Pic, 1952)
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) cristiani Zoia, 2007
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) crocodilinus Zoia, 2007
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) grobbelaarae Zoia, 2007
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) torridus Baly, 1878
Paraivongius coffeae (Bryant, 1938)
Paraivongius jacobyi (Selman, 1965)
Platycorynus compressicornis (Fabricius, 1801)
Platycorynus dejeani Bertoloni, 1849
Platycorynus limbatus limbatus (Baly, 1881)
Platycorynus marginalis marginalis (Weise, 1912)
Proliniscus puncticollis (Jacoby, 1900)
Pseudedusia fulvipes Jacoby, 1898
Pseudocolaspis chrysites Gerstaecker, 1871
Rhembastus brevicornis (Jacoby, 1904)
Rhembastus variabilis Harold, 1877
Syagrus interstitialis (Jacoby, 1904)
Syagrus morio Harold, 1877
Syagrus puncticollis (Harold, 1877)
Syagrus rufobrunneus Lefèvre, 1890
Syagrus rugiceps Lefèvre, 1890
Syagrus tristis Jacoby, 1904
Uhehlia pardalis Weise, 1906
African Eumolpinae checklist: Mozambique


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Distributions are given by Countries in their present political arrangement. Some unclear, usually old citations are reported with a ?, as well as some doubtful ones. Where a species is reported from a boundary zone between two or more Countries, this species is here reported for all the interested Countries. Most of the data are taken from literature and they were not verified; due to the critical situation in the taxonomy of the African Eumolpinae, except for a few groups reviewed by specialists, all citations are intended in need of confirmation. Only a few clearly erroneous citations, or with a high possibility to be so, are not taken into consideration.

I am really interested in receiving informations about published data which are not included in this list.