the African Eumolpinae site (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae)
Afroeurydemus apicicornis (Lefèvre, 1891)
Afroeurydemus brevilineatus (Jacoby, 1900)
Afroeurydemus guessfeldi (Karsch, 1882)
Afroeurydemus jansoni (Baly, 1878)
Afroeurydemus marginatus (Jacoby, 1900)
Casmena bicoloripes Pic, 1941
Casmena camerunensis Pic, 1953
Casmena murrayi Chapuis, 1874
Colasposoma bedeli Achard, 1923
Colasposoma camerunense Jacoby, 1903
Colasposoma conradi Jacoby, 1900
Colasposoma fairmairei fairmairei Lefèvre, 1877
Colasposoma favareli Pic, 1938
Colasposoma laticorne (J. Thomson, 1858)
Dermoxanthus camerunensis Burgeon, 1941
Dermoxanthus clavareaui Burgeon, 1941
Dermoxanthus fulvus Baly, 1859
Dermoxanthus ruficolor Pic, 1953
Dicolectes aulicus Lefèvre, 1886
Dicolectes ornatus (Jacoby, 1894)
Ennodius murrayi (Chapuis, 1874)
Epistamena lenta Weise, 1915
Eurydemus villiersi Burgeon, 1941
Gaberella costata (Baly, 1878)
Heteraspis bella (Pic, 1937)
Heteraspis bidentata (Baly, 1877)
Heteraspis madoni (Pic, 1949)
Heteraspis theresae (Pic, 1956)
Heteraspis viridimaculata (Jacoby, 1877)
Heteraspis viridula (Lefèvre, 1875)
Lefevrea abdominalis Jacoby, 1897
Lefevrea carpenteri Bryant, 1932
Lefevrea humeralis Weise, 1924
Macrocoma parvula (Jacoby, 1895)
Melindea denticrus (Burgeon, 1941)
Menius conradti Jacoby, 1903
Menius lacordairei Chapuis, 1874
Menius splendidus Jacoby, 1893
Menius subcostatus Jacoby, 1893
Nerissus carnapi (Kuntzen, 1912)
Nerissus conformis Weise, 1907
Nerissus femoralis Lefèvre, 1875
Nerissus globulatus (Kuntzen , 1912)
Nerissus griseoscutellatus Karsch, 1882
Nerissus leucocyclus Kuntzen, 1912
Nerissus sculptilis (J. Thomson, 1858)
Nerissus strigosus Chapuis, 1874
Nerissus tuberculatus tuberculatus Jacoby, 1901
Nerissus viridipennis Jacoby, 1903
Obelistes clavareaui Burgeon, 1941
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) camerunensis Zoia, 2007
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) crocodilinus Zoia, 2007
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) fasciatus fasciatus Burgeon, 1941
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) gardinii Zoia, 2007
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) torridus Baly, 1878
Pagria camerunensis (Jacoby, 1904)
Pagria porosicollis (Jacoby, 1898)
Pagria varians Lefèvre, 1884
Paraivongius (Micromenius) chalceatus (Lefèvre, 1891)
Paraivongius (Micromenius) rufometallicus (Pic, 1951)
Paraivongius collarti (Burgeon, 1941)
Paraivongius flavimanus flavimanus (Jacoby, 1903)
Paraivongius flavitarsus (Jacoby, 1893)
Paraivongius kraatzi (Jacoby, 1898)
Paraivongius lepesmei (Burgeon, 1941)
Paraivongius nigritarsis (Lefèvre, 1891)
Paraivongius parvulus (Jacoby, 1903)
Paraivongius pauliani (Burgeon, 1941)
Paraivongius semipiceus (Jacoby, 1903)
Paraivongius subaeneus (Jacoby, 1903)
Paraivongius viridiaeneus (Jacoby, 1882)
Paraivongius viridipes Pic, 1952
Pathius major (Weise, 1912)
Pathius pallidus (Weise, 1912)
Phascus occidentalis Weise, 1912
Platycorynus azureus (Sahlberg, 1829)
Platycorynus compressicornis (Fabricius, 1801)
Platycorynus limbatus limbatus (Baly, 1881)
Pseudocolaspis cyanella Burgeon, 1940
Pseudocolaspis rigida Baly, 1877
Pseudocolaspis rufitarsis Burgeon, 1940
Rhembastus ruficolor Pic, 1941
Rhembastus xanthocnemis Weise, 1907
Syagrus calcaratus (Fabricius, 1775)
Tanybria apicalis (Jacoby, 1881)
Tanybria aurichalcea (J. Thomson, 1858)
Tanybria costata (Jacoby, 1898)
Tanybria cupreomarginata (Jacoby, 1895) (although reported "Togo" in the original description)
Tanybria eximia (Baly, 1877)
Tanybria spinipes (Baly, 1878)
Tanybria tuberculata (Jacoby, 1903)
Thysbina amata (J. Thomson, 1858)
Thysbina femoralis (Lefèvre, 1877)
Thysbina rufipes Weise, 1902
Timentes camerunensis (Pic, 1953)
African Eumolpinae checklist: Cameroon


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Distributions are given by Countries in their present political arrangement. Some unclear, usually old citations are reported with a ?, as well as some doubtful ones. Where a species is reported from a boundary zone between two or more Countries, this species is here reported for all the interested Countries. Most of the data are taken from literature and they were not verified; due to the critical situation in the taxonomy of the African Eumolpinae, except for a few groups reviewed by specialists, all citations are intended in need of confirmation. Only a few clearly erroneous citations, or with a high possibility to be so, are not taken into consideration.

I am really interested in receiving informations about published data which are not included in this list.