Typus: © Museum für Naturkunde - Berlin
Holotypus Eurydemus geniculatus Jacoby, 1904 (Beira, E. Africa):
© Natural History Museum, London
Afroeurydemus nubiensis (Harold, 1877)
Harold E. v., 1877 - Coleopterorum species novae. Mitteilungen der Münchener Entomologischen Vereins, 1: 97-111 (p. 100: Eurydemus).
Eurydemus geniculatus Jacoby, 1904 (Another contribution to the knowledge of African Phytophagous Coleoptera. Proceedings of the Zoological Society, London, 1: 230-270, 1 tav. (pag. 250, tav. XVII fig. 11))
host plants:
the African Eumolpinae site (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae)


type locality: