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Afroeurydemus guessfeldi (Karsch, 1882)
Angoleumolpus nigrovittatus Pic, 1939
Angoleumolpus pallidicolor Pic, 1939
Angoleumolpus subelongatus Pic, 1940
Colasposoma aeneicolor Pic, 1939
Colasposoma angolense Pic, 1939
Colasposoma bedeli Achard, 1923
Colasposoma benguelanum Achard, 1924
Colasposoma diversipenne Pic, 1939
Colasposoma laticorne (J. Thomson, 1858)
Colasposoma monardi Pic, 1939
Colasposoma perlatum Harold, 1880
Colasposoma purpureicolor Pic, 1939
Colasposoma pustuliferum Pic, 1939
Colasposoma rugatum Achard, 1923
Colasposoma subnigrum Pic, 1939
Colasposoma subopacum Weise, 1919
Dermoxanthus bicolor Weise, 1919
Dermoxanthus monardi Pic, 1949
Dicolectes erythropus Lefèvre, 1886
Eryxia dentipes Pic, 1940
Euryope bipartita Jacoby, 1897
Euryope costata Clavareau, 1909
Euryope laeviuscula Weise, 1908
Euryope notabilis Péringuey, 1892
Euryope rugulosa Weise, 1919
Euryope sanguinea (Olivier, 1808)
Euryope terminalis Baly, 1860
Euryope wellmani Clavareau, 1909
Heteraspis albomaculata (Pic, 1939)
Heteraspis monardi (Pic, 1939)
Heteraspis trinotata (Pic, 1939)
Lefevrea abdominalis Jacoby, 1897
Lefevrea angolensis Weise, 1908
Lefevrea bicoloripes Pic, 1939
Lefevrea nitida Pic, 1939
Lefevrea obscurilabris Pic, 1939
Lefevrea ruficollis Pic, 1939
Lefevrea unifasciata Pic, 1939
Lefevrea viridescens Pic, 1939
Macrocoma eriophora Chapuis, 1874
Macrocoma impressa Achard, 1925
Macrocoma monardi Pic, 1939
Macrocoma purpureonotata Pic, 1939
Macrocoma usambarica (Weise, 1906)
Malegia atritarsis Pic, 1931
Menius rufus Pic, 1940
Microeurydemus africanus (Jacoby, 1900)
Monardiella subacuminata (Pic, 1940)
Nerissus latepubens Pic, 1939
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) balyi Zoia, 2007
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) cristiani Zoia, 2007
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) fasciatus fasciatus Burgeon, 1941
Pachnephorus (Pachnephorus) grobbelaarae Zoia, 2007
Pagria apicalis Pic, 1940
Pagria liturata Lefèvre, 1891
Pagria monardi Pic, 1940
Pagria rufoscutellaris Pic, 1940
Paraivongius bicolor (Lefèvre, 1885)
Paraivongius hypomelas (Lefèvre, 1886)
Platycorynus azureus (Sahlberg, 1829)
Platycorynus dejeani Bertoloni, 1849
Pseudocolaspis bicoloripes Pic, 1939
Pseudocolaspis brevesetosa Pic, 1939
Pseudocolaspis crampeli Pic, 1940
Pseudocolaspis diversepubens Pic, 1939
Pseudocolaspis lindneri Karsch, 1882
Pseudocolaspis minuta Pic, 1939
Pseudocolaspis robustipes Pic, 1939
Pseudocolaspis semipurpurea Marshall, 1865
Pseudocolaspis subdentata Pic, 1939
Rhembastus atripennis Pic, 1939
Rhembastus atriventris Pic, 1939
Rhembastus discoidalis Pic, 1939
Rhembastus diversicolor Pic, 1939
Rhembastus flavidus Lefèvre, 1890
Rhembastus mechowi (Weise, 1883)
Rhembastus metalliconotatus Pic, 1939
Rhembastus rufocinctus Pic, 1939
Rhembastus rufohumeralis Pic, 1939
Rhembastus testaceoapicalis Pic, 1939
Syagrus angolensis Pic, 1939
Syagrus bicoloripes Pic, 1939
Syagrus calcaratus (Fabricius, 1775)
Syagrus discoidalis Pic, 1940
Syagrus discomaculatus Pic, 1939
Syagrus disconotatus Pic, 1939
Syagrus inhumeralis Pic, 1936
Syagrus interstitialis (Jacoby, 1904)
Syagrus monardi Pic, 1939
Syagrus opacus Jacoby, 1900
Syagrus semirufus Pic, 1940
Syagrus signatus Pic, 1940
Syagrus trinotatus Pic, 1939
Syagrus viridicollis Pic, 1940
Thysbina bicostata (Weise, 1902)
Zohrana rhodesianus (Achard, 1925)
Zohrana semiviridis (Pic, 1939)
Zohrana (?) substriatipennis (Pic, 1939)
Zohrana testacea (Pic, 1939)
African Eumolpinae checklist: Angola


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Distributions are given by Countries in their present political arrangement. Some unclear, usually old citations are reported with a ?, as well as some doubtful ones. Where a species is reported from a boundary zone between two or more Countries, this species is here reported for all the interested Countries. Most of the data are taken from literature and they were not verified; due to the critical situation in the taxonomy of the African Eumolpinae, except for a few groups reviewed by specialists, all citations are intended in need of confirmation. Only a few clearly erroneous citations, or with a high possibility to be so, are not taken into consideration.

I am really interested in receiving informations about published data which are not included in this list.