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Type Pheloticus rufipennis Weise, 1910 (Madag. int. austr.):
© Museum für Naturkunde - Berlin

Type (?) Syagrus quintus Bechyné, 1964
(Region Androna Nord Madagaskar):
© Naturhistorische Museum Basel

Syagrus quintus quintus Bechyné, 1964
Bechyné J., 1964 - Notizen zu den madagassischen Chrysomeloidea (Col. Phytophaga). Mitteilungen der Münchener entomologischen Gesellschaft, 54: 68-161 (p. 79).
Region Androna Nord Madagaskar
Pheloticus rufipennis Weise, 1910 (nec Duvivier, 1891) (Bechyné, 1964 described S. quintus as a new species, while it is and new name for P. rufipennis Weise in its new combination); Syagrus quintus ab. monomorphus Bechyné, 1964
host plants:


type locality: